Upcycled leashes

First of all, what does upcycled mean? To me, it means that we are reducing waste by using materials that are no longer suitable for their intended use, to create something else.

See also: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reducing the waste we create is something that I try and do everyday. Whether that means saving hardware from Mysti's broken rug, recycling packaging, rescuing tatty jeans, or donating items. I'm for it.

So, the leashes you'll find in our Upcycled collection are helping the environment! The materials used to make these leashes may otherwise have been destined for the garbage, but it doesn't mean we sacrifice the strength you and your dog need to stay safe.

Often when creating these, I'll take the time to cut material such as fleece or jeans in to strips, which is then joined together to create a length of what is essentially rope. This rope is then braided using the same techniques I use in my regular paracord leashes.

The resulting look, feel and size of the leash is usually quite different to paracord though! These unique leashes are a fun and expressive alternative to your regular webbed or paracord leashes. The chunky styles are also great for winter use when you have your own chunky gloves on!

Check out our upcycled leashes for sale in the pet section of our shop. If you've got questions, leave a comment on this post or get in touch via your preferred method!